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Chinoko Sakamoto

坂本 紬野子

born 1992 in Japan

lives and works in Nagasaki, Japan


2016 BA (Hons) Sculpture, University of the Arts London Camberwell College of Arts

2013 foundation Diploma, Kingston University faculty of Art and Design

Selected Exhibitions

2021 - "Textures of Encounter", VOU Kyoto, Kyoto (Solo)

          - "Uneven Matters", Graphpaper Aoyama, Tokyo (Solo)

          - "Whole", I SEE ALL, Osaka (Solo)

2020 - 『いま初めて見る』IDEE SHOP Jiyugaoka Gallery and Books, Tokyo (Solo)

          - Collect 2020, Somerset House, London 

          - "I am", IDEE SHOP Umeda, Osaka (Solo)

2019 - "No Stranger" Playmountain EAST, San Francisco (Solo) 

          - "The way I look for." IDEE SHOP Jiyugaoka Gallery and Books, Tokyo (Solo)

          - Collect 2019, Saatchi Gallery, London

          - "Finding Form" Flow Gallery, London


2018 - "Moments of Clay" Graphpaper Tokyo, Tokyo (Solo)

          - "Un panorama japonais très actuel" Gallery Le Don du Fel, Le Fel, France

2017 - "Chinoko Sakamoto" Momosan Shop, London (Solo)

          - "Ceramics in the city" Geffrye Museum, London

          - "Sculptural Vessels" Curator's Cube, Tokyo (Solo)

2016 - Summer Show, Camberwell College of Arts, London

          - Whithurst Art Fair, Whithurst Park, West Sussex

          - "Kray Kray" Hotel Elephant, London


2015 - "Six Processes" Hundred Years Gallery, London

          - "Unit" CGP London, London

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